Louvered Patio Covers


Louvered Covers

A Modern Adjustable Patio Cover Solution

Elevate your outdoor space with aero-louv, an adjustable louver system that provides the ultimate in form and function. At the touch of a button, you can create the perfect balance of sun, shade, weather protection, and airflow in seconds. It’s the smarter, simpler way to make any outdoor space more comfortable, attractive, and useful all year round.

Sturdy yet lightweight, aero-louv systems are compatible with many existing aluminum patio solutions. And because aero-louv louvers and frame systems can be tailored according to your needs, a broad range of configuration and installation options are available for residential and commercial applications alike.

No-Maintenance Patio Covers That Will Always Look Brand-New

The innovative aero-louv system is constructed with aircraft-grade aluminum to prevent rusting, cracking, or warping, ensuring an investment that will last a lifetime. Through wind, rain, snow, and sun, the framing components maintain their original quality.

Plus, you can rely on a 15-year warranty on the material finish, guaranteeing exceptional value.

Advantages of the aero-louv System

Unmatched Durability

Made using the highest-quality materials, the aero-louv system is built to last. Your system will stand strong against extreme temperatures, wind, rain, and snow.

Timeless Style

Cedar-embossed and smooth finishes and a contemporary profile create an elegant look that suits all structure styles.

Impressive Versatility

Aero-louv systems are compatible with most existing aluminum patio structures, and a variety of customizable options ensures a seamless appearance and functionality.

Next-level Convenience

Unlike manual outdoor solutions, the aero-louv system is completely controlled via remote control or switch - virtually zero effort is required.

Industry-leading Warranty

Get the peace of mind that comes with workmanship backed by a 15/5 warranty that covers materials, finishes, and electrical components/motors for both residential and commercial installations.

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